case study

Secure Time.


Cliff started a new security business. He came to me with no logo or website. So we got to work and created him a logo, branding a website. Our copywriter was able to ask him questions about himself and his business, and from there write the copy/content for the website.

Now, his business has an excellent online presence, he is able to be found by potential clients on Google, and the enquiries are rolling in.


Coming soon…

First page of Google

Secure Time is already on page 1 of Google for a number of his keywords. The number to the right of the keyword is the current place ranking on Google. Up to 10 is page 1. You can see that before we launched, 3 months ago, he had no Google rankings at all (it was a brand new website). Due to the technical on page SEO that was completed as part of the website build, this website started ranking well on Google straight away!

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