case study

B1 Property Maintenance.


Bruce didn’t have a website when he first got in touch with me. He had no online presence at all. He wanted to get some local jobs in Kapiti Coast, closer to where he lives, and really wanted to focus on handyman type jobs, and also on window maintenance.

So we got to work and created him a high converting website that was Google friendly. It didnt take long at all for it to start climbing the Google ladder and for those enquiries to start streaming in. 


Lucy really knows her stuff. Her ability to work with you to create an awesome website is second to none. Lucy created my website and its now the corner stone of my business. Easy for customers to use and communicate with me. More importantly after a few months, my website is on page one of google listings because of how Lucy designed it.”

First page of Google

B1 Property Maintenance is already on page 1 of Google for a number of his keywords. The number to the right of the keyword is the current place ranking on Google. Up to 10 is page 1.

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